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The Best Surf Booties in 2023-2024

What are the best surf booties for winter 2023-2024 ?

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The Long Version

Wearing a pair of slippers can piss off the good old hot water surfer, and yet wearing a pair of slippers can be the difference between a hot session and stitches. 


Unfortunately, surf boots are not the most comfortable to wear, but they become indispensable in cold water. We have selected for you the best slippers for cold water. 

Surfers complain that they look weird, are harder to fit on your board, and are uncomfortable, and while the first is definitely true, the second two don't have to be.

So whether you plan to follow in the footsteps of Chris Burkard or Kepa Acero, a pair of slippers should end up in your board bag. 


Keep reading to discover the best surf boots for all conditions! We have selected for you the most appreciated boots by cold water surfers, so that you can find the best surf shoes that suit you.

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Benefits : One of the brands most appreciated by French surfers. Neoprene is still very comfortable and stretchable. These slippers are very warm and comfortable, and they are guaranteed for two years. 


Disadvantages :May look more like a shoe than a sock - a plus or minus depending on your preference.

Xcel know what they're doing when it comes to neoprene, and their liners are no exception. The Xcel Drylock is the brand's warmest premium liner, they are the best-selling cold water liners at the moment. We can imagine why.


With a thick fleece lining and split toe inside, the Drylock Booties will keep you warm. Xcel has an excellent neoprene warranty, just keep your receipt in case anything happens. Buy here.

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Benefits : Warm, comfortable and adherent. But above all fashionable. 


Disadvantages :For surfers hoping not to get noticed in the line-up, this Vans side stripe might not be the most understated choice.

These are warm and comfortable slippers with an incredible board feel and long-lasting durability. If you're looking for the best boardfeel in a pair of 5mm liners, these are the ones for you. 


No split toe, an interesting choice. Plus, while most bootie makers aim to make their boots look like socks rather than shoes, Vans has made their boots look as much like their legendary skate shoes as possible._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


And just like these skate shoes, they work. Who knew surfing with shoes would be a good idea? 

Benefits : low environmental impact, lifetime warranty with Patagonia, excellent comfort and warmth. 


Disadvantages :The slippers are a little heavier than normal slippers.

The Patagonia R3 Yulex liners are made from 85%Yulex natural rubberand fair trade certified - no other pair of slippers on the market is more environmentally friendly. Under the hood, these slippers have some serious features. Including a Z-strap with a super sturdy strap, arch support and amazing fit, you musttake them half a size downof your shoe pair size. 


The internal split toe also does a great job of allowing more mobility in your big toe without sacrificing warmth. No noticeable sacrifice in board feel, very solid liners with minimal environmental impact.

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Benefits : Thick slippers so very warm but they are also very light  and expandable to surf the best possible.


Disadvantages :The slippers being very stretchy, there is a possibility that in the long term they will deteriorate more quickly than less stretchy slippers.

O'Neill slippers keep your feet warm. With O'Neill's humble beginnings in cold waters in Santa Cruz, California, warmth has always been a priority for the brand, but so has comfort. 


The slippers are made of O'Neill Technobutter 3, which is soft and silky on the inside and stretches with any movement. This type of material does wonders for retaining heat, and they are so comfortable and stretchy that you feel like you are wearing 3mm slippers when they are 5mm. Suitable for surfers looking for performance and warmth, who have no problem buying a pair of liners every winter.


Another notable feature, the split toe has a useful connector on the top of the toes to prevent toes spreading too far apart. If you want a pair of booties for performance surfing with unparalleled warmth and comfort, this is what you need.

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Benefits : Well made slippers with all the features you could want. Thanks Quiksilver. 


Disadvantages :The size of the slippers is a little reduced, which creates less heat.

Quiksilver has been in this business for decades and its expertise and understanding of materials shines through in its latest offering of ankle boots, the Marathon Sessions. Taped seams and a Hydrolock seal keep water out. 


The heel loop makes it easy to put on and take off. I would highly recommend going half a size down from your dress shoes.

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